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Devonport High School for Girls

Pupil Premium September 2019 – August 2020

The Pupil Premium is a sum of money that we are allocated for each child on Free School Meals (FSM) including Ever 6, and each child in a Service family including Ever 6. For the period September 2019 – August 2020 we received £935 per FSM student and £300 per Service student. Our total funding for the Academic year September 2019-August 2020 was £68,463, which includes £825 of Pupil Premium Plus funding.

Because students did not sit examinations in the summer of 2020, externally generated school performance data will not be published for last year's examination cohorts. The information provided is based on our internal analysis and any reference to progress data is benchmarked against the 2019 national dataset. Our disadvantaged students achieved an overall Progress 8 score of +0.32, which means on average, they achieved over a third of a grade higher than similar students nationally. Of the disadvantaged students, over 75% achieved positive Progress 8 scores. Those that achieved a negative score had very specific personal and social issues and received ongoing support from the school.

Curriculum Support: £2042 in 2019-20   

This included initiating appropriate interventions aimed at students achieving below their target grades and providing small group work extraction with the Learning Support Assistant.  Most pupil premium students performed higher than the rest of the cohort and above the national cohort. Additional resources were provided to assist individual students with more structured home learning tasks and additional support when preparing and revising for GCSE examinations. Revision resources were purchased for a number of subjects.

Pastoral Support: £46968 in 2019-20 

We have supported our children socially, emotionally and behaviourally through our pastoral system, which comprises 4 Houses with one Tutor Group from each of the 5 Year Groups – years 7-11. Through the intervention of the Heads of House we have liaised with external support agencies and will continue to provide individual counselling for students who have been identified as being in need. We have also provided Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) and priority appointments with Careers South West.  Academic and Pastoral Mentoring programmes have also been established to work with our most vulnerable students.  We have also continued to run our Services children support group.  We continue to operate a cashless catering system which improves the lunchtime experience for pupil premium children as their cards are pre-populated and they can obtain their lunch using the same process as all other students. We have purchased full sets of school uniform for pupil premium children joining the school in September 2019 so that they join with the same standard of uniform as all other students. The Peer Mentoring programme has supported a range of aspects for pupil premium children including emotional wellbeing, organisation, settling in and friendships. 

Learning Support: £18704 in 2019-20  

We offer additional support for our Pupil Premium Students, several of whom have specific learning needs, via our SENCo and a Learning Support Assistant. Our Support Advice Guidance & Engagement (SAGE) Co-ordinator continues to work with students across a range of areas to boost self-esteem and confidence, which underpins higher achievement.  We have developed a successful nurture group and students are supported and mentored by members of the Senior Leadership Team, Head of House, SAGECo and SENCo which assisted students to complete their examinations and to raise outcomes in their final grades. There has been training in virtual schools and attachment disorder for staff supporting pupil premium students. We have introduced strategies to improve the attendance of pupil premium students where necessary, including a walking bus, meet and greet and a further communication system with parents/carers.

Enrichment beyond the curriculum: £749 in 2019-20  

This has been used to subsidise music tuition.  There has been a focus here to enhance engagement and enjoyment and thus further success in school and the future.