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Devonport High School for Girls

Name of Head of Department

Mr N Riseborough BSc (Hons), PGCE

Statement of Intent 

At the core of everything we do is the ideal that mathematics at DHSG should be an exciting adventure where our students are guided to discover the richness and variety of our subject. 

Though our bespoke and ambitious curriculum, we aim to stimulate our students’ interest in and enthusiasm for mathematics, with a commitment to fostering a positive attitude towards their studies. 

Whilst striving to grow a love of studying mathematics for its own sake, it is important that our girls recognise the diverse applications of our subject and how it underpins almost every area of the wider curriculum, from the more obvious science and computing links, through to the music and art subjects. 

Our curriculum offer is much more than teaching the skills required for the GCSE. We teach our girls to ask questions, think critically, and respond with brave reliance when faced with unfamiliar situations. 

It is our intention that at the end of middle years, all girls have a positive view of mathematics and are confident and fluent with the curriculum. Girls will have outstanding foundations for any further study and, importantly, enter the world beyond school as highly numerate citizens. 

Curriculum Programmes of Study 


Cycle Content

Year 7

Cycle 1

Properties of number
Using a scientific calculator
An introduction to algebra
Algebra: Brackets
Rounding and estimation
Area and perimeter

Cycle 2

Solving equations
Straight line graphs

Cycle 3

Averages and range
Distance-Time graphs
3D Shapes

Year 8 


Cycle 1

  Calculations, checking and rounding
  Indices, roots, reciprocals and hierarchy of operations
  Factors, multiples and primes
  Standard form and surds
  Introduction to algebra

Cycle 2

Algebra the basics
Setting up, rearranging and solving equations
Factorising complex quadratics

Cycle 3

Averages and range
Representing and interpreting data

Year 9

Cycle 1

Ratio and proportion
Polygons, angles and parallel lines
Pythagoras’ Theorem and trigonometry
Linear graphs and coordinate geometry


Cycle 2

Graphs: Real-life graphs
Quadratic, cubic and other graphs
Perimeter, area and circles
3D form and volume, cylinders, cones and spheres


Cycle 3

Accuracy and bounds
Solving quadratics and simultaneous equations

Year 10 

Cycle 1

Multiplicative reasoning
Similarity and congruence in 2D and 3D
Graphs of trigonometric functions


Cycle 2

Further trigonometry
Collecting data
Cumulative frequency, box plots and histograms
Quadratics, expanding more than two brackets, sketching graphs (circles, cubes and quadratics)


Cycle 3


Circle theorems
Circle geometry
Changing the subject of formulae (more complex)
Algebraic fractions
Solving equations arising from algebraic fractions

Year 11


Cycle 1

Vectors and geometric proof
Introduction: How to successfully approach the GCSE mathematics examination
Constructions, Loci and Bearings
Mock feedback


Cycle 2

Reciprocal and exponential graphs; Gradient and area under graphs
Direct and inverse proportion
Spring MOCKS
Review of class areas for development


Cycle 3

Past papers with teaching of areas for development informed by MOCKS/Past papers

Lower Years Assessment Framework

To view the Lower Years Assessment Framework for Mathematics, please click here

Middle Years Exam and Specification Information

All students follow the new Edexcel GCSE (Higher) mathematics course. Whilst we do set by ability, all students follow the same scheme of work and sit the same assessments. All students have the opportunity to achieve the highest grades.

Details can be found here:

Full details of the specification and assessment criteria can be found on the Edexcel website GCSE Mathematics Specification

Extra-curricular activities 

200 students every year take part in the junior, intermediate and senior mathematics challenges.

The department run a mathematics club on a lunchtime. Students from this group are selected for the Mathematics Challenge team. The school have been regional junior champions on a number of occasions.