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Devonport High School for Girls

Government and Politics

Head of Department

Mr A Hartley BA (Hons), MA, PGCE

AS Level Course Outline

Government and Politics AS Level enables students to understand the political processes and debates that shape the modern world. The course involves a lot of discussion and debate and students are encouraged to think critically about the material they study. At AS level, the main focus is British politics and constitutional structures. Students look at how British politics works in practice including the role of the Houses of Commons and Lords and the Prime Minister.

Higher Education and Career Opportunities

Government and Politics is an academically rigorous subject that is accepted by Universities as a valuable AS Level. It combines well with other Humanities such as Law, History and Economics and will be a useful preparation for University level study of any of these subjects. It is relevant to a number of careers including Journalism, Politics, Law and International Relations. An AS Level in this subject indicates to a future employer or University that the student has the intellectual ability to understand the broader forces that shape society and is able to actively engage with them.

Course Content

Examination Board


Full details of the specification and assessment criteria can be found on the AQA website

 Government and Politics AS  - 7151

AS Level

Component 1

  • Structure and the role of parliament
  • The Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Devolution
  • Democracy and participation
  • Elections and Referendums
  • Political Parties