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Devonport High School for Girls

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Name of Head of Department

Mrs J Tribe, BEd (Hons)

Introduction to the department

At Devonport High School for Girls students follow a curriculum that is challenging and varied. They will learn about nutrition, healthy eating and special dietary requirements as well as gaining an understanding of the working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of ingredients. Practical food preparation skills are an integral part of the course.


Key stage 3 (Year 7 and 8)   

Year 7

Students are introduced to the equipment in the room and learn to use it independently and safely. They develop basic food preparation skills in order to produce a range of predominantly savoury dishes that contribute to a balanced diet that corresponds to the UK healthy eating model.

Year 8

Students focus on nutrition with particular emphasis on the needs of teenagers in order to produce a variety of main meal products. They are introduced to a wider and more complex range of practical skills and learn about the functional properties of ingredients.

Key stage 4 (Year 9, 10 and 11)  

Areas of study include:

Food preparation skills – these are intended to be integrated into the five sections:

  1. Food, nutrition and health
  2. Food science
  3. Food safety
  4. Food choice
  5. Food provenance


Paper 1: Food preparation and nutrition

Theoretical knowledge of food preparation and nutrition from Sections 1 to 5.

Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes

100 marks

50% of GCSE

Non-exam assessment (NEA)

Task 1: Food investigation (30 marks)

Task 2: Food preparation assessment (70 marks)

Full details of the specification and assessment criteria can be found on the AQA website GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Specification

Extra-curricular activities 

Students are encouraged to take part in a variety of enrichment activities led by the Design and Technology department, including competitions such as the Young Chef Team challenge and the Rotary Young Chef of the Year.