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Devonport High School for Girls

Head of Department

Mr P Edwards BSc (Hons), PGCE

A Level Course Outline

To ensure that the learning is enjoyable and enhances the candidates’ enthusiasm for Chemistry, the AS and A level specifications have been tailored to follow on from GCSE Chemistry or Triple Science and will build on knowledge, understanding and skills to provide a pathway to further study.

Higher Education and Career Opportunities

Chemistry is a very versatile qualification that is an essential entry requirement for courses such as Chemistry, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Forensic Science, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering.

Course Content

Examination Board


Both the AS and the A Level are divided into separate taught modules, four for AS and all six for A level. Leading to two examinations for AS and three for A level. In addition there will be a separate endorsement of practical skills for A level Chemistry.   OCR website

Chemistry A - H032, H432

AS Level

Unit 1

Development of practical skills in Chemistry


Unit 2

Foundations in Chemistry


Unit 3

Periodic table and energy


Unit 4

Core organic Chemistry

A Level

Unit 5

Physical Chemistry and transition elements


Unit 6

Organic Chemistry and analysis

Practical Endorsement


Accreditation of Practical Skills