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Devonport High School for Girls

Dirt Is Good

The Dirt Is Good Schools Programme is a free initiative that empowers students to take action on social and environmental causes they care about, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Students from Devonport High School for Girls have been involved in an incredible project as part of the 'Dirt Is Good' Schools Programme! A programme developed by Persil, Global Action Plan and Future Generations.

Our students embarked on their very own Peer Coaching Journey, and the results are inspiring! As part of the Peer Coaching Pilot, Year 12 students took on the role of Peer Coaches and supported younger students in making a difference. They worked on projects like setting up picnic tables, transforming an unused Prayer Room, and raising awareness about fast fashion.

Through their leadership role, the Peer Coaches gained confidence in expressing their opinions whilst recognising their capacity to create positive change within our school community, all while having fun. Their efforts were met with enthusiasm, with their survey receiving 150 responses, and their thrift stall generating £30-40 for charity.

The success of the Pilot led to the continuation of the Peer Coaching Programme this year, with a whopping 13 students applying to become Peer Coaches! Their dedication and impact have inspired others to get involved, fostering a true sense of community and empowerment.

Currently, the Peer Coaches are supporting their groups in identifying community issues and planning their next steps. Some groups are revamping the unused Prayer Room to create an inclusive space, while others are addressing the cost-of-living crisis by collaborating with a local food bank. Additionally, there are plans to promote biodiversity through the creation of Bug Hotels and Bird Boxes.

We're excited to witness the continued journey of the Peer Coaches and their Changemakers as they make a positive impact in their community! Please see link on the Dirt is Good website: