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Devonport High School for Girls

National Careers Challenge

Year 10 competed in the National Careers Challenge ‘ Esports Digital Challenge’ set by The Inspirational Learning Group.

The National Careers Challenge is the UK’s largest careers and enterprise competition and sets students a real-life business challenge. Working in teams, Year 10 students looked at all aspects of creating, designing, and launching a new computer games concept.

Students identified a target market before developing an idea for a brand new, downloadable computer game. Considering all aspects of their game design, including characterisation, gameplay, cyber-security, and add-ons, before considering how they could promote their new game to their target audience. Students also consider how they could capitalise on the growing appeal of Esports events to raise the profile of their game. They presented their ideas to a panel of judges and team 11 (10F) were the winning team - well done. Congratulations to the runners-up team 16(10H)

The challenge helped students develop their entrepreneurial and digital skills as well as promoting key skills, such as creativity, teamwork, and communication. Well done to all Year 10 students for working so well in their teams and for showing skills of communication, problem-solving, and creativity throughout the day.