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Devonport High School for Girls

Training has started in all weathers...

Follow the student's progress here...


Early morning start today- windy and rainy night but it did stop so we could cook breakfast in the mud this morning : )


Got out before the weather this weekend and although it was cold there was good visibility for a change. Time for a bit of letter boxing as we explore the south moor.


Huge congratulations to all those who completed the Ten Tors walk this Saturday. First time out with big packs, 9 hours of walking, no more than 50 metres visibility all day, no drop outs and so much enthusiasm! A massive well done to all of you. Also thanks to all the volunteers who led teams and sat out in the cold and the fog to check point.


Another challenging day out on Dartmoor for all teams on Saturday- but particularly the 35 milers - rough ground, lots of wet, and a good strong wind to blow it at us! Well done to every single one of you!


A bit of a view today as the teams head up to Sharp Tor, before going to Great Links for a quick lunch break and some serious navigating from the 45 teams today. Well done to all of you!


A short break (below) for one of the the 35 mile training teams whilst they plan the next leg in very poor visibility...everyone made it back to the bus despite the river crossings and the fog. Well done to the 45 and 55 teams too for their enthusiastic start to the season. Many thanks to parents for prompt pick ups at the finish and to all the volunteers who get up so early to help with the training.